I'm Bolden

I'm a freelance photographer based in Santa Barbara, CA 

specializing in portraiture & events. After earning my B.S. in Biopsychology at UC Santa Barbara, I opted to stay in SB to mentor students as I pursue my passion for photography as a first-gen graduate & business owner.

Breaking out

of the Shell

"Humble Beginnings" wouldn't do me justice. From an early age, I've been blessed with a curious nature that laid foundation for academic success. Somewhere along the adolescent journey I realized my tenacity coupled well with that curiosity, pushing me to perform in athletics like football, track & field, and eventually calisthenics and weight-training.

Eventually, I felt compelled to try something new & pick up a camera. 100s of hours of practice and youtube videos led to.... well, actually, I'll let the portfolio to speak for itself.

The Process

The Process

01. Connect

Let's chat & figure out if I'm the right fit for your needs. I believe it's important to bring transparency as we talk about pricings, logistics and what I bring to the table

Share your story

02. Conceptualize

Let's pull together ideas and concepts. What's the occasion? What feelings you want to evoke through our work together? How can we go about making this a reality? This is where we separate factors we can prepare for and vs those out of our control

Develop Your Vision

03. Create

This is the fun part, it's go time

Bring it to life